Prepare For Partnership is a daylong Private Coaching Intensive, held live in Malibu, CA or via Skype for my international clients.

Preparing you for partnership is such a joy for me. This work is very profound and powerful and for women who are genuinely willing to do what it takes to co-create extraordinary love, which may mean looking in the mirror to see where your biggest opportunities for growth reside.

For some it is a willingness to see what is not working, for many it is a willingness to see how lovely you are and to let yourself off of the hook from years of feeling unworthy or not good enough.

It is so sweet and empowering when you truly clear the way for the divine partnership you deserve.

I developed this special Private Intensive Day with a particular woman in mind and it’s important to recognize for whom it is intended.


Is this you?

  • You are committed to a high level of self-discovery and growth with a genuine willingness to make peace with men.
  • You dream of extraordinary love but urgency, disappointment or hurt feelings keep getting in the way.
  • You hear the call to experience the sacred trust that comes with intimacy in partnership and you have a deeply feminine desire for being cherished and to be seen as the beauty you truly are.

This is for women who seek to fully embody their capacity for loving partnership. Most of all, women who yearn to enjoy living within their own skin, be uplifted with the content of their own thoughts, and have an internal sense of peace and want to share this overflow with their mate.

During our special Private Intensive Day, here is what you can look forward to:

  • First, we will get crystal clear on what you are seeking. Many women think they know what they want, but I’ve found that very few actually know what matters most. Nor do they acknowledge what is truly good for them and what actually brings out their best. We will spend some time articulating precisely what this means for you.
  • Then, you’ll be invited to move through any familiar shame or withholding patterns related to past relationships as we shine the light on what your past Dating Pitfalls were. That way, you can stand in alignment with your heart’s greatest desires and not settle for less.
  • Together, we will examine the defense systems you rely on to protect your heart that ultimately prevent you from experiencing the intimacy that you desire. We’ll also develop and understanding of how these defenses actually serve you so you can grow beyond them.
  • The Preparing for Partnership Private Intensive is all about thoroughly outlining healthy boundaries that you’ll get to put into practice as you experiment with dating + relating in a more authentic way.
  • This involves making peace with your needs instead of fearing being seen as ‘needy’ while showing up in newer, more genuine ways and bringing more authentic and truthful parts of yourself to the dating + relating table.
  • It’s about cultivating your ability to be present as you truly connect with men, learn how to sit back and reveal who you are, and to also relax and observe his behavior with neutrality rather than living in hopeful fantasy or critical assessment.
  • You’ll walk away from our Private Intensive Day with a stronger sense of self and a clear roadmap to follow as you prepare to bring in a beloved partnership.


My Private Intensive Days are a joy and a very important step along The Journey to Extraordinary Love. This work is deep, powerful and not for the faint of heart.  I invite you to step forward into the life + love that is awaiting you.


If you are ready to dive in to this Prepare for Partnership Private Intensive, it would be my pleasure to speak with you in a complimentary discovery session about investing in your relationship happiness with this program.

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